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【Vegan & Vegetarian Cafe in Labuan Bajo】

Long time no see!

It has been almost 1month I have never uploaded blog. Fortunately, tourism in Labuan Bajo is really good now! So I was too busy to write blog these days.

Currently there is a lot of tourist in Labuan Bajo and the most of the people who is related to hospitality industry got vaccinated💉 Only thing we are afraid is that covid case will increase due to high occupancy season. Anyway, we should follow health protocol and don’t forget to enjoy your holiday in Labuan Bajo☀️

So today, I would like to introduce the healthy cafe which provides vegan / vegetarian meals in Labuan Bajo🌱


They have not only healthy meals but also fresh drinks as well. Of course there’s option which is vegan and vegetarian in the menu and they sell almond milk, soy milk and sweets too😍


The shop is very chill and you can buy vegetables, fruits, granola, and imported ingredients in the cafe as well.

I missed this kind of place because in Labuan Bajo it is very hard to get the imported ingredients here😭 So now I have many options to cook at home by my self:)

And the shop is open air so there’s fresh air circulation👌


There’s plenty of choices for foods and drinks!

I should visit here again because there’s still too many menu I haven’t tried;)

And there’s daily special menu. You should check it out✨

The salad is very fresh and you can choose flavor of dressing🥗 What I ordered is Chickpeas Salad with fresh almond milk😋🥛

And smoothie bowl also yummm🍓


The location is near to the Komodo dragon statue🐊

I recommend you to use taxi or motorcycle because there’s no space to park your car⚠️