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【THE 3 BEST Cafes in Labuan Bajo】

Do you know that Flores island is famous for coffee? One of the most famous coffee beans in Flores island is bajawa coffee☕️

It is easy to find out it in supermarket in Labuan bajo as a souvenir👌

And many of tourist very often to ask me “Where is the good place for coffee” so I’d like to list up my favorite coffee place in Labuan Bajo🏝

Carpenter Cafe And Roastery

I would like to say that this cafe is the best & most comfortable place on the earth🌐❤️ I’m a big fan of this cafe since I moved to Labuan Bajo in 2018.

Sometimes I go to this cafe 3-4 times a week! I hope all of staffs in this cafe are not annoyed lol


It is very relaxing, chill and even good to spend your time by yourself. There are counter seats, sofa and out side seat as smoking area😄

But this cafe is not so suitable for big group because there are not enough seat.

Sometimes I feel this cafe is like a solo traveler gathering point because it is very comfy to sit by myself and wifi is very stable so a lot of people enjoy their time by themselves. Since there is counter seat so if sit next each other, naturally start to chit chat even it is first time to get know each other😄 I got some new friends in this cafe too! haha


I love iced latte in this cafe & carrot cake 😍The coffee aroma is very nice and smooth. Carrot cake is not too sweet and very match to the coffee!

They have sister restaurant on the upstairs so it is possible to order food from the restaurant as well. But I think it depends on the situation💡If the restaurant is very busy, better you to go upstairs and eat there🤣

Of course cafe itself also has own menu😋My favorite menu is breakfast menu like avocado toast, big breakfast and fruits salad🥑

The menu is on the wall just behind the cashier!

Let me share you yum yum photos🤤

Blue berry cheese cake & passion fruit tea
Hot latte & avocado toast
New York cheese cake & Hot chocolate


It is located in the main street in Labuan Bajo📍

Instagram link👉https://www.instagram.com/carpentercafeandroastery/

Escape Bajo

The best ocean view cafe ever in the world👏I like both view of daytime and sunset time. During daytime the flores ocean is so blue and clean💙 During sunset time the view is magical🌅 You can’t miss the magic hour so you better to stand by till the color of the sky is changing! Do not leave the cafe after sun just set!


Simple but homy and comfortable atmosphere. And there are many seats! You can visit there with big group also no worries! I like to sit on the outside seats facing to the ocean✨ And there’s rooftop seats as well. You can chill there feeling the sea breeze🌊

Normally around sunset time is crowded at the rooftop area so it is better to keep your seats before sunset time!

Sunset view from this cafe is stunning🔮


Not only good place for coffee and snacks but good place for eat breakfast, lunch and dinner🙆

And I recommend Es Kopi Susu(Iced milk coffee)👌 I think this is the most popular drink menu and it is very tasty! Bitter flores coffee matches with sweet palm sugar😋

Sometimes I like to visit here to have lunch. My current favorite menu is Japanese curry rice🍛I’m so happy that finally they have Japanese food menu and it is delicious too😭❤️

Of course they have Indonesian menu like nasi goreng and western menu like hamburger🍽

Gado-gado (Indonesian salad)


It is located just near by the Labuan Bajo harbor📍

Instagram link👉https://www.instagram.com/escapebajo/

Cafe Melinjo

Are you looking for a delicious bakeries with coffee?🥐Here is the best place for you!!

The owner of this cafe is French and they have authentic croissant, cannelé, baguette and other menu also very tasty😋


Relaxing and comfy sofa seats with cute design with many plants🌿 And cutlery and glass are also stylish! I love it✨

This cafe is facing to the Labuan Bajo harbor so it is ocean view💙 You can taste authentic French bakeries but you can get iconic view in Labuan Bajo👏


They have plenty of choice for you and you cannot decide because all of the menu looks tasty😚Normally I visit here for breakfast since their bakeries are so nice🥐

And what they make me happy is that they have salad menu🥗 To be honest, in Labuan Bajo it is still hard to find out salad in cafe😵 So it is good news for you if you are craving for healthy menu in Labuan Bajo!

The beverage menu also many choices and there’s unique menu as well. I ordered iced pink beach latte. It tastes strawberry but coffee taste and aroma as well. So interesting👍

Iced pink beach latte & Ham and cheese croissant
baguette sandwich & morning boost
 Pink lady juice(pittaya, watermelon & pineapple)


It is located on the 2nd floor in Marina building📍Just in front of the Labuan Bajo harbor!

Instagram link👉https://www.instagram.com/cafemelinjo/

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! I hope this information will help you during your holiday in Labuan Bajo🌴